Microtubule-Kinetochore interface

The proper segregation of chromosomes during cell division is fundamental for all living organisms to maintain genome integrity. Kinetochores are large protein assemblies that connect chromosomes to spindle microtubules (MTs) that drive chromosome separation during mitosis. Lengthening and shortening of microtubules exert forces on kinetochores that are coupled to chromosome movement. In humans, kinetochores consist [...]

Microtubule Associated Proteins

Microtubules (MTs) are highly conserved cytoskeletal polymers that are essential for cell growth, cell division, and intracellular transport. (MT) Microtubule-associated proteins, or MAPs, are architects of specialized MT populations for diverse functions in the cell. Based on their mode of action, MAPs can be grouped into the following groups: (1) motile MAPs, or motor proteins, such [...]

Structural basis of microtubule dynamic instability

The dynamic behavior of microtubules (MTs) is essential to their functions and a large number of cellular factors regulate it during the cell cycle. We aim to define the structural basis of dynamic instability, the essential process that, fueled by GTP hydrolysis, leads to switching between MT growth and depolymerization, and that is inhibited by [...]